Care & maintenance


From the date of delivery, your gita has a 12-month or 1000-miles-traveled warranty, whichever comes first. For details please see the Piaggio Fast Forward Terms of Sale online at


Note: The miles-traveled information can be found on the mygita app.


WARNING: Opening, modifying, or tampering with gita voids the warranty.

Maintenance, Service, and Support

We recommend that you wipe gita clean regularly, particularly the base of gita which tends to accumulate dirt during walks. For the body, bin, and lid a clean damp cloth works well. 

The lenses are sensitive components and keeping them clean is essential. Always use the provided lens cleaning kit, never alcohol-based or abrasive cleaners. 

Don’t leave gita outdoors in the rain or exposed to extreme temperatures. Although gita operates in temperatures from 10°F to 110°F, exposure to extreme heat or cold can affect the plastic components and the battery’s performance. 

Charge gita on a regular basis to ensure the battery’s health. The battery pack makes sure that the battery is being charged to just the right level. 

Should you encounter a problem that you cannot find answers for within our Knowledge Base, you can always contact our Customer Care team directly.

Most issues can be fixed over the phone or through a software update. Should this still not resolve your issue, our team will decide on the next steps. For details please review the Piaggio Fast Forward Terms of Sale online at


Note: In the case of a problem, the mygita app allows the Customer Care team to diagnose and potentially resolve most issues from off-site. Without the mygita app, remote diagnostics are not possible and you may have to ship gita to our support center at your expense. If, upon receipt, the Customer Care team finds that the problem could have been resolved remotely, you will be charged for the exchange and return shipment. In all other circumstances, so long as your gita is still within its 12-month or 1000-miles-traveled warranty (whichever comes first), Piaggio Fast Forward will cover all shipping expenses.


How to reach Customer Care:

(800) 791-0843 


Where to find additional documentation, FAQs, and Troubleshooting information: