General use of the mygita app

The mygita app is required to operate gita.

The app provides a set of enhanced features for:

Information: Stay informed about the total miles your gita has travelled, its charge and lock status, its battery level, and receive important notifications.

Control: Mute gita’s sounds or turn off its lights when needed.

Security: Lock and unlock the cargo bin and share your gita with others.

Support: Receive software updates, find answers to questions, and easily connect to the gita support team.

Entertainment: Stream music from your smartphone to gita’s speaker via Bluetooth® wireless technology. The sound volume is controlled by your phone. You can turn streaming on and off in the mygita app. 

It is important to note that a connection to a Wi-Fi network through the app is the only method of updating your gita's software.

Download the mygita app or make sure that you have the current version of the mygita app on your smartphone.