gitamini's battery and power management

gitamini runs on a Lithium-Ion battery, which supports an estimated average of 7 hours of continuous walking and can be recharged in under 2 hours.

WARNING: Do not attempt to service or repair the battery. If damaged, contact Piaggio Fast Forward Customer Care at (800) 791-0843. Looking for gitamini’s charge status?

You can find gitamini’s charge status in the mygita app. It will also communicate its charge status through the colored lights at the wheels:

  • When the battery level is below 50% the wheel lights change from lite blue to orange. 
  • When the battery level is below 10% the wheel lights and the buttons flash orange, accompanied by an error sound.
  • When the battery level drops below 5% gita is no longer able to move. The buttons and the wheel lights turn red, gitamini enters Park Mode, and powers off. It can be used again when it has been recharged. 

Should circumstances require you to power gitamini off manually, press and hold the Power button and release it after 3 seconds.

To power on gitamini, briefly press and release the Power button.

Note: In order to power off gita, the cargo bin has to be unlocked. 



  • To charge gitamini, plug the charging cable into the charging port at the back of gitamini and the power plug into a regular wall outlet. (The charging port is underneath the power button.) 
  • gitamini enters a stable park position while charging. 
  • There is no need to worry about over-charging your battery, gitamini’s battery pack automatically charges the battery to an optimum level.
  • While the battery is being charged, the Pair/Park button pulses green; it changes to solid green once the battery has been fully charged. 
  • Use the mygita app to view gitamini’s battery status during the charging process. 
  • While the charging cable is plugged in, it is not possible to exit Park Mode. 


WARNING: Do not attempt to service or repair the battery. If damaged, contact Piaggio Fast Forward Customer Care at (800) 791-0843. 


gitamini tip

With the winter hitting hard everywhere this year, we wanted to remind you that gita should not be left in temperatures below 40°F. This could result in the inability to charge your gita. It is a feature to protect the battery from freezing. The battery will not begin re-charging until it warms to a temperature of about 50°F. 

If you keep your gita exposed to the outside cold for an extended period of time,  bring it inside and let it warm up before charging. We recommend giving it 24 hrs at room temperature before attempting to charge.