gitaplus’s cargo capacity

  • Carries up to 40 pounds 

  • Has a cargo volume of ~4000 in3

  • Approximate measurements: 17.3 x 13.8 x 15.0 inch

  • gitaplus can be operated either with the lid open or closed

  • Use the mygita app to lock the lid when gitaplus is parked

  • gitaplus cannot be operated while the lid is locked

Note: The lock function is only available through the mygita app


  • gitaplus balances its load dynamically, but you should try to pack in items relatively evenly
  • There’s a USB port in the cargo bin for charging your phone and other small devices while gitaplus is powered on

NOTE: Some iOS devices may encounter issues when charging with cables that are not Apple brand or Apple approved.

WARNING: Never transport children, pets, or hazardous items in the cargo bin. Heavy items should never extend outside the bin area nor should items extend more than 12" outside the bin. This will impact the dynamic balancing and cause unstable behaviors.