gita's cargo bin

gita comes standard with a cargo bin equipped with a lid. The cargo bin carries up to 40 pounds and the lid that can be locked through the mygita app while gita is parked.

JThe cargo bin measurements are approximately 11" w x 15" l x 15" d and the cargo volume is 2630 cubic inches.

gita can be operated either with the lid open or closed.




Although gita balances its load dynamically, you should use common sense when loading the bin. Long extending objects can have a strong lever effect.

You can order Open Organizer Bins (which are lidless) at An Open Organizer Bin allows you to carry items that extend beyond the top of gita or items that require frequent access. If you have groups of objects that are of recurrent use when you go on walks with gita, you can store them in separate Open Organizer Bins and swap the bins at your convenience.




Replacement lidded bins are also available via

A charging port in the cargo bin lets you charge your mobile phone and other small electronic devices while gita is powered on.

Note: Some iOS devices may encounter issues when charging with cables that are not Apple brand or Apple approved.

Note: The Lock function is only available through the mygita app.


WARNING: Never transport children, pets, or hazardous cargo in the cargo bin.