How gita pairs

gita and gitamini use cameras, sensors, and radar technology to identify and continually recognize their user.

  • Once it’s paired to you, gita will follow you and only you.
  • gita robots need to be paired before every walk.
    gita will remember you as its user from the time it’s paired to the time you put it back into Park. Its memory clears every time it’s put into Park Mode. 
  • gita robots can only be paired to one person at a time.
  • In order to end your walk, you un-pair with the gita robot and put it in Park mode.


  • It rarely happens, but if a gita robot “loses” you it will attempt to re-pair on its own. Should it be unsuccessful, gita will notify you with an (adorable) error sound and safely wait in Park mode. Simply tap the button to re-pair.


Piaggio Fast Forward respects your privacy—we do not store any data that would identify you.