Meet gita & gitamini

First-of-their-kind cargo carrying following robots.

  • Through the simple touch of a button, our robots pair to and follow you while carrying your gear (up to 40 pounds with gita and 20 pounds with gitamini). 
  • The cargo bin can be locked with the mygita app and is equipped with a phone charging port.
  • Both models’ bins are available in two versions: A lidded bin comes standard with and Open Organizer Bins without the lid are available for purchase for carrying items that may extend beyond the height of the bin itself. 
  • They move at up to 6 mph and go up and down 16 degree inclines. 
  • gita’s battery supports up to 4 hours of continuous walking and will fully recharge in less than 2 hours. gitamini’s battery supports an even more impressive 7 hours of continuous walking (or up to 21 miles) with the same 2-hour charge time. 
  • gita and gitamini are designed for outdoor and indoor hands-free operation in a wide variety of settings; cities, offices, homes, suburban communities, and everywhere in-between.
  • gita and gitamini’s lightweight, rounded shape and soft plastic body make them generally safe when used in accordance with the Safety Instructions.




  • gita and gitamini use cameras and sensors (and radar technology in gitamini’s case) to follow their user while avoiding obstacles. 

Note: These cameras are only used for gita’s physical tracking and therefore do not record pictures or videos.

  • They’re intuitive: gita utilizes a 2-button interface, where gitamini uses an even simpler single button interface. 




  • They use their colored wheel lights and unique sounds to communicate current state and speed. 
  • They have headlights that automatically turn on and off depending on the ambient light level. 




  • The mygita app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. It is required for gita and gitamini’s operation and adds advanced functionality (security, information, and support) as well as over-the-air software updates. 
  • Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to stream music from your smartphone to gita’s speaker. *Not applicable for gitamini
  • gita (jee - tah) is Italian for “short trip.”