Lights & sounds of gitaplus

gitaplus communicates with its user through custom-designed sounds and light patterns.


The wheel lights communicate gitaplus’s current state to bystanders.

  • When in Park mode: the Park/Pair button will be solid blue 
  • When in Pair mode: the Park/Pair button will temporarily turn pulsing white while trying to pair, then solid white when paired and ready to walk, the wheel accents will display solid white.
    • When the battery level is below 50%, the wheel lighting changes from light blue to orange.
    • When the battery level is below 10%, the wheel lighting and the buttons flash orange accompanied by an error sound.
    • When the battery level drops below 5%, gitaplus robot is no longer able to move. The buttons and the wheel lighting turn red, it enters Park mode, and powers off. It can be used again once it has been recharged.
  • When charging: the Park/Pair button will pulse green. When charging is completed, the Park/Pair button will display as solid green
  • When gitaplus encounters an error it cannot recover from, all lights will flash red.
  • When gitaplus enters Mute mode: the Park/Pair buttons will temporarily display pink to indicate Mute has been enabled.



gitaplus has unique sounds that were specially composed by the Berklee College of Music to be easily heard in a crowd but not intrusive to those around you. The sounds communicate gitaplus’s state.