PFF smarts™ - Doors

gitamini Software Update brings new functionality

At Piaggio Fast Forward, we are regularly working to improve gitamini’s software capabilities so that it fits seamlessly into your everyday life. We are excited to announce the release of Doors,  our latest over-the-air (OTA) software update, which can be installed through the mygita app. This download allows gitamini to recognize the opening of a door using its sensor vision and a little bit of magic. With this software update, the Smart Behaviors toggle will become available in the mygita app and will allow you to turn on/off the Smart Behaviors functionality, defaulting to off. If you want to help us in this beta phase, toggle this Smart Behaviors setting on and get moving with your gita robot!

It’s important that you install this update as it will improve the operation and functionality of your gitamini robot.

About Doors Software Update

  • In order for PFF smarts™ to work on your gitamini, you must update your mygita app and ensure that PFF smarts™ mode is turned on. 
  • When using a door with gitamini, think of your robot as a person. You’ll need to hold the door for it just like a human pedestrian.
  • This triggers gitamini to go into PFF smarts™ mode, indicated by its lights turning purple and an original sound designed by Berklee College of Music.
  • gitamini then unpairs with its user to autonomously move through the open door, turn, and wait.
  • When both gitamini and the user have passed through the door’s threshold, gitamini pairs when its user comes back into view. 
    • gitamini recognizes certain characteristics about the user it was following prior to going into PFF smarts™ mode allowing it to automatically pair.
  • When approaching a door that swings away from you, you go through the door first, hold it open, and gitamini follows, adjusting its path to avoid the doorframe.
  • When approaching a door that swings toward you, gitamini will wait for you to open and hold the door for it. Then it will pass through the doorway, pivot to the side and wait.

Remember gitamini still relies on its user to follow. It wouldn’t hurt to try it out a few times at home to get used to it before going out in the world.