Safety and best practices

Failure to heed the below warnings, or to follow the Safety Instructions set forth below, may cause injury to you or someone else or property damage.

Always check and obey any applicable laws or regulations which govern or restrict the use of your gita. Use gita at your own risk and with serious attention to your surroundings and to safe operations at all times. Always use common sense.


  • Never allow anyone under 18 years old to use gita without continuous adult supervision.
  • Never use gita to transport children, pets or hazardous cargo. 
  • Never allow children or pets to play with or sit in the cargo bin or on gita, even if gita is not being used. 
  • Never operate gita next to cliffs or drop-offs, on steep slopes, or in any other location where it could fall. 
  • Never operate gita on escalators or stairs. 
  • Never submerge gita in water. 
  • Never set gita on fire or use it to transport flammable material. 
  • Never use gita where prohibited by applicable laws or regulations. 
  • Never charge the battery outdoors; the battery charger is for indoor use only. 
  • Never charge the battery with any charger other than the one supplied with your gita. 
  • Never operate gita while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances. 
  • Never transport gita without properly securing it first. 
  • Never use gita without a cargo bin or a gita-certified insert to protect gita’s internal components.

Safety and Best Practices

  • Be aware of how and where you walk because gita will try to follow you. 
  • Take special care when entering enclosed spaces like elevators; keep in mind that gita has to fit in as well. 
  • Take special care when entering small spaces that may be crowded or contain fragile goods or materials. 
  • Take special care when crossing streets; don’t forget that gita needs to cross safely as well. 
  • Always keep gita safely away from cars and motor vehicle traffic. 
  • Always be aware of your surroundings, including those around you. 
  • Be aware that many people have never seen a gita and don’t know how it works or what it does. 
  • Be aware that people may not immediately realize that you are operating a gita, so employ caution and think ahead. 
  • Be aware that gita is behind you when you walk towards or among people (e.g., on a sidewalk).