gita Software Updates

We are continually improving gita and gitamini’s software development in order to make your experience as enjoyable and seamless as possible. When we develop new features, we release software updates over-the-air (OTA) through the mygita app.

It’s important that you install these updates as they will improve the operation and functionality of your gita robot.

Here’s how it works:

When a new update is released, the gita Customer Care team will send you a notification through the app and by email.

Follow these steps to do an OTA update for the latest gita software:

1. Make sure that your gita robot is plugged in and charging.

2. Make sure that your gita robot is connected to Wi-Fi.

Note: You must be connected to Wi-Fi to complete the update. You can check this under the ‘gita Settings’ section of the app.

3. Open the ‘gita Settings’ screen and select ‘Update gita.’

Note: This screen will tell you the version of gita software you are currently using, if there is an update available, and give you a brief overview of what’s included in the update.

4. Press the ‘Upgrade’ button.

Note: If this button is grayed out, make sure that you are plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi. If you have checked both and it is still grayed out, check to make sure you are not streaming music through gita. If the ‘Upgrade’ button is still grayed out it means that there is no software update available.

5. On the app dashboard you will see that there are three stages of the update: Preparing, Updating, and Finished.

Note: The total update process typically takes 30-60 minutes to complete.

6. Once the update is completed, your gita robot will reboot and be ready to go.