Transportation & handling


Occasionally you may need to move your gita around a difficult obstacle, across the garage, or into a tight parking place. In order to do so, always place gita in Park so that you can freely push and pull gita without the motors being engaged. (In Ready and Follow modes gita’s motors will be active and will resist your efforts.) Remember that gita won’t self-balance while in Park mode, so you have to do the balancing yourself. 




gita weighs approximately 50 pounds. It is designed to be lifted by two people. To lift gita, first power it off. Then, remove the cargo bin. Next, lift gita by reaching under the left and right-hand holds in the black plastic crown that runs around its top section. The proper handholds are indicated by a sticker. 


WARNING: Do not lift gita by the side flaps that cover its wheels or from the wheel wells; if you do so, you run the risk of injuring yourself and of seriously damaging your gita. Damage caused by improper lifting is not covered by your gita warranty, so please use proper lifting procedures.





To transport gita in a motor vehicle, first confirm that you have powered gita off. Then employ the lifting procedure described above. Once properly positioned in a seat or your vehicle’s trunk or cargo bay, secure gita firmly in place. If you do not properly secure gita you run the risk of damaging the robot as well as your motor vehicle.


Note: Damage caused by the failure to secure gita is not covered by your gita warranty.