Walking with gita robot

With your gita or gitamini paired to you, you are now ready to walk with your gita.

Walk as you normally would at a steady pace. Your first walk with gita may seem strange as gita follows your movement. You may be inclined to check behind you frequently to see what gita is doing or how well it is following, but the more normal and consistent your stride, the easier it will be for gita to follow you at a consistent pace.


Some best practices for walking with a gita robot:

  • Be aware of how and where you walk because your gita robot will try to follow you. 
  • Take special care when entering enclosed spaces like elevators; keep in mind that gita has to fit in as well. 
  • Take special care when entering small spaces that may be crowded or contain fragile goods or materials. 
  • Take special care when crossing streets; don’t forget that your gita robot needs to cross safely as well. 
  • Always keep your gita robot safely away from cars and motor vehicle traffic. 
  • Always be aware of your surroundings, including those around you. 
  • Be aware that many people have never seen a gita robot and don’t know how it works or what it does. 
  • Be aware that people may not immediately realize that you are operating a gita robot, so employ caution and think ahead. 
  • Be aware that the gita robot is behind you when you walk towards or among people (e.g., on a sidewalk).