Interacting with gita

The Pair/Unpair and Ready/Park buttons provide tactile feedback, change color, brightness, and pulse to make your interaction with gita simple and straightforward. 




With these two buttons, you switch back and forth between gita’s three primary modes: Park, Ready, and Follow.


Park is gita’s resting position. Should gita’s stability or safety be compromised, like on a steep surface, it automatically stops moving and switches to Park. You can enter or exit Park by touching the Ready/Park button.


The Ready mode prepares gita for pairing and following: gita stands up and balances. Change from the Park position to Ready by touching the Ready/Park button. 


Note: If gita sits idly in Ready mode for 10 minutes, it will automatically return to the Park mode.


Note: To enter Ready mode the cargo bin has to be unlocked. Locking and unlocking is possible through the mygita app.



Follow is gita’s core functionality. All you have to do is stand in front of gita and touch the Pair/Unpair button while in Ready mode. gita pairs with you and follows you as you walk while differentiating you from fellow pedestrians. gita changes to Ready when you end Follow by touching the Pair/Unpair button.

Click here to learn more about gita’s Following function.




The two buttons can also be used to mute gita’s sounds. To mute gita’s sounds (except error sounds) touch and hold the Pair/Unpair and Ready/Park buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. Touch and hold both buttons for 3 seconds again to deactivate Mute. gita’s button lights confirm both actions by a brief color change to pink. You can also mute gita by using the mygita mobile app.